Three Things I Kept Seeing:

  • Too much “health fake news” out there from people that aren’t qualified and have no education or experience, confusing people who are simply trying to be their best and reach their health goals
  • So many incredibly talented people stuck in a job they hate, and settling for what they think is their “only option”.
  • Go-getter women with big dreams inside their heart, but unsure of how to pursue their real passions, because like me at one time, were taught everything about their area of expertise, but nothing about business, marketing, or sales.
I’m a born and raised Florida gal who’s simply chasing my passions of helping others reach their biggest goals & dreams, whether it’s in their health, business, or personal life.

What is The Norris ACADEMY?


The school we all wished we would have had.


A community of like-minded individuals who are go-getters and big dreamers too.


A university that offers proven systems, strategies, resources, mentorship, community & more.


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RDU Group Mentorship


The “school” every entrepreneurial health pro wished they would have had. An 8-week mentorship program to help you create and launch your very own online business  

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Not only learn the exact steps Sarah Grace took to create her successful online business, but be walked through it by her personally weekly!

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Free 40+ Must-Have Tools for Nutrition Entrepreneurs Guide

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Steps to Create Your Very Own Nutrition Business + the 4 Must Have Elements for Every Successful Online Business


Learn the 4 Behind the Scene Secrets of My Own Online Business as a Nutrition Professional


The Mentorship Program

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If you want to be able to learn systems for:


  • Sustainable Lead Generation
  • Creating messages and offers that SELL like crazy
  • Building your packages/offers
  • Creating funnels such as email series, freebies, and webinars
  • Building an actual business you can FORECAST (and not live month to month)
  • and so much more…
  • PLUS work 1-1 with Sarah Grace weekly (NOT get put into another module-based “1-1 coaching” program)…
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PS: Can I let you in on a secret?

I actually relate to all of those out there who feel stuck. As I was ending my masters in sports nutrition and dietetic internship, I began feeling stuck in a path I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow anymore. I knew I didn’t want to go the “typical dietitian route”. I knew I had an entrepreneurial mind. And I knew I wanted to create an impact worldwide and change more lives than just one team or the people physically located near me.

I knew I wanted to take my business online in a way that would create financial freedom and satisfy that calling to #BeAudacious and never settle for less than my best and highest purpose in life.

Yet everyone told me I would be dumb to “not get a real job”. Everyone told me I wouldn’t succeed… That “yeah, that’s a nice thought – but what happens if you fail?”

But one very close friend said something I will never forget:

I know what everyone is telling you, and what you’re even fearing yourself… but instead of asking yourself “what if I fail?”, what if you asked yourself, “but what if I never try?”

I took the leap of faith and never looked back. And boy am I glad I took that leap.


  • You’ll find me coaching people in their fitness and nutrition worldwide – from clients all over the US, to Canada, to Australia, to even Hong Kong.
  • You’ll find me speaking to teams and companies, along with hosting live events all over the US.
  • You’ll find me mentoring other professionals to take THEIR business online too so they can begin living out their passion and stop hating their every day.
  • What you won’t find me doing, is following the typical dietitian or trainer route, stuck in a 9-5 job I hate, or inhibiting my influence to just the small physical location around me.

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RD University 1.0

Learn more about taking your expertise online as a health professional. No more doubting, start doing.

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Find Motivation, Strategies, Like-Minded People, and Answers to Your Questions Here!

Come Hang on the GRAM

Steps to Create Your Very Own Nutrition Business + the 4 Must Have Elements for Every Successful Online Business


The exact steps you need to take to create your very own online business!
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