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Check it out…

1. Create Measurable Goals 

One of the big mistakes marketers make is to focus on the social media metrics, such as the number of followers and the number of likes. But heads up – these metrics needs to translate to a measurable business goal.

In other words, it means nothing if you have a million followers, but these followers aren’t buying products in your sales funnel. So be sure you construct your campaigns around your overall business goals, and then measure your social metrics and make sure they’re translating to traffic, subscribers, sales and revenue.

2. Optimize Images For Platforms

If you’re using multiple social media platforms, you may have noticed that your images present differently on these platforms. You can optimize your images quickly and easily using tools such as https://www.canva.com/create/social-media-graphics/.

3. Attract Search Engine Traffic 

Many social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are completely searchable by that outside of the platforms, which means you’ll want to include keywords in your posts. Use a tool like WordTracker.com or MarketSamurai.com to find out what your audience is searching for, and then include these keywords in your content.

TIP: Don’t stuff your content full of keywords, as this will get you penalized. Instead, include your keywords once or twice for every 100 words of content. 


4. Get Around the 140 Character Limit 

While short content tends to engage your audience, sometimes you need to go a little longer. And When you’re on Twitter, that can be downright problematic. Here’s how to work around the character limit: 

  1. Reply to your own comment. Instead of posting a series of tweets, post your first tweet… and then reply to your own post to share the rest of your message. If you have a busy stream, be sure to make your comments quickly before one of your followers comments on your post and breaks up the content. 
  2. Create a graphic. Post your words on an eye-catching graphic, and you can go well beyond the 140 character limit while attracting attention at the same time. 

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5. Stop Trolls on Facebook 

Sometimes you’re going to get hateful people who cry about “freedom of speech” if you delete their comments, and pepper you with messages if you ban them outright. Save yourself time by using Facebook Page’s admin tools to turn on the profanity filter to “Medium” or even “Strong.” Doing this tends to filter out a lot of trolls. 

TIP: If you have a problem with trolls, then you may opt to manually review and approve messages before they’re posted publicly. 


6. Start Using GIFs 

It’s no secret that graphics get attention. You know what gets even more attention? Animated graphics (GIFs). You can make your own, or search for other’s work on sites like giphy.com.  

7. Learn About Your Audience 

Don’t make assumptions about your audience. Instead, poll them. 

Use these options: 

  1. Use a tool like SurveyMonkey.com, which keeps others’ poll answers private (which means those who take the poll won’t be biased by the majority answers). 
  2. Use onsite tools. For example, you can post a poll on Facebook, or use poll cards on YouTube.com 

The more you know and understand your audience, the better able you’ll be to connect with them. 

8. Improve Subscriber Retention 

So maybe you got your social media followers on your mailing list. That’s awesome. But with a million and one things vying for their attention (including YOUR social media posts), you need to be sure they STAY on your list. 

Here are two ways to do it: 

⇒ Share content in the newsletter that you don’t share on social media. If you only share content that you’ve already posted on social media, eventually you may have people hitting the unsub button. After all, why should they get your newsletter when they can get the exact same info in their newsfeed? 

Point is, surprise and delight your audience by sharing some of your very best content in your newsletter that doesn’t appear on your social media platforms. 

⇒ Give away valuable gifts every month. This might be a subscriber-only webinar, 

report, app, access to a membership site, or other useful product or event. Point is, reward people for staying on your list. 


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9. Do Joint Ventures

One of the best ways to build your social media networks is by joining forces with other people who cater to the same niche. So instead of competing with these folks, you can cooperate with them for mutual benefit. 

For example: 

⇒ Endorse each other directly in a social media post. You might even make this endorsement a “pinned” post for an agreed upon length of time. 

⇒ Swap content on your social media pages to get free 

exposure and links. For example, you can exchange exclusive articles and post them on your platforms. You both get free content and free exposure. 

⇒ Retweet, repin and otherwise share each other’s content to create increased exposure for each other. Be sure to do this on a regular basis, such as weekly. 

⇒ Create content together, such as an article or video that 

you both share on your platforms. Be sure to include links back to your platforms and lead pages from within this content. 

⇒ Do live events together, such as a webinar that you share 

on your platforms. If you live in the same city, you can even do “Facebook Live” or Periscope events in the same room together. 

⇒ Promote your partner’s social media platforms outside of 

social media. This includes in your newsletter, on your thank you pages, on your blog and elsewhere. If you send out physical shipments, you can even include a flyer in these shipments. In turn, your partner does the same for you. 

So where do you find these potential partners? 

Here: ⇒ Search social media for niche relevant hash tags and keywords. 

⇒ Use Facebook search to uncover Pages and Groups in your niche. 

⇒ Look at the “suggested content” next to your content on social media (such as 

the suggested videos on YouTube). 

⇒ Check with your existing marketing partners to see if they’re on social media. 

⇒ Ask your social media followers who they’re following in the niche. 

Just be sure to focus on partners who tend to have a lot of followers (at least as many as you), and they post high-quality content and have an engaged audience. 


10. Test Ad Copy on Social Media 

The way algorithms are set up on social media, only content that immediately captures attention and engages your audience gets top billing in the newsfeed. And that makes social media a great place for you to start testing out ad copy, product names, blog post titles and more. 

For example: 

⇒ Post a prospective email subject line as a “teaser” to a blog post to see if it gets 

attention and clicks. 

⇒ Post a cover graphic with different titles to see which ones get attention. 

⇒ Post a sales letter headline as a teaser to see if it gets clicks. 

Now let’s wrap things up… 


So what’s the next step? Put these hacks to work for you, starting today while they’re still fresh in your mind. Then watch as you starting getting better results from your social media campaigns! 

I hope that helps, let me know in the comments if you need any help with this and I will be glad to help.

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