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Working on your social media campaigns can easily suck up a lot of your time each day. OR you can automate them and make them as hands free as possible. 

If that second option sounds good to you, then you’re going to want to put this outsourcing and automation checklist to work for you! 

Take a look… 


Often times, social media marketing can take a lot of time. That’s because you need to: 

⇒ Create a lot of content. ⇒ Track results and tweak campaigns. ⇒ Engage with your audience. 

It’s pretty easy to spend hours a day doing these tasks. That’s why you’ll want to consider outsourcing them to competent freelancers. 

So what can you outsource? 

Take a look at these questions: Outsource content creation. You can hire one or more people to create everything, including 140-character tweets, larger posts, infographics, tips, videos and more. 

Outsource engagement. You might hire customer service staff to engage with your audience on your social media platforms. Your staff can “like” replies, comment on replies, comment on other peoples’ content, and answer any direct or private messages you receive through the platforms. 

Outsource tracking and tweaking. In the next section, you’ll find out what sorts of tools you can use to track your campaigns and figure out what’s really working. However, you can hire a conversion expert to manage these tools and tweak campaigns to improve response.  

Outsource everything. You can make your social media marketing truly hands free by hiring a team to take care of every aspect of your social media campaign, from content creation to engagement to conversion optimization. You can even hire someone to manage your paid social media advertising. 

So where you do you find competent freelancers? 

Here: ⇒ Check freelancing sites, such as Elance.com and UpWork.com. 

⇒ Ask colleagues for their recommendations. 

⇒ Join small business, marketing and freelance groups (such as on Facebook or 

LinkedIn), and ask for recommendations. 

⇒ Run a Google search for what you need. E.G., freelance writer. 

⇒ Send an announcement out to your subscribers, followers and other contacts 

letting them know what you need. 

Be sure to do your due diligence to ensure you’re working with competent, reputable freelancers. 

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This means you should: 

 Review their references, ratings and feedback on freelancing platforms, where applicable. 

Ask for and follow up with references. 

Run a Google search for your prospective freelancer’s names and business names to check that they have established and reputable professional histories online. 

Depending on whether you hire a freelancer for part or all of your social media marketing, you’ll want to ask these sorts of questions: 

What is your experience with handling the social media strategy for businesses? 

Can you show me examples of social media networks you’ve helped to grow? 

What types of content can you create? 

Where is your expertise as far as specific platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook etc)? 

What sorts of tools do you use to track campaign responses? 

Do you handle social media advertising, such as Facebook advertising? 

Do you handle all the content creation yourself, or do you subcontract it to a third party? 

Do you handle conversion optimization yourself, or do you subcontract it to a third party? 

If you subcontract tasks to a third party, how long have you worked with these independent contractors? 

Do you have a portfolio where I can see content samples? 

What are your prices? What all does that include? 

Do you help with overall strategy, such as post planning (e.g., planning topics and frequency)? 

If you do your due diligence research and then ask the above questions of your prospective freelancer, you’ll be able to quickly shorten your list of potential freelancers and find the best one for you. 

Here’s the second way to save time… 


There are plenty of cool tools to help you save time when you’re working on your social media campaigns. These tools let you post to multiple platforms simultaneously, schedule content, and even track posts so that you can figure out what your audience wants. 

Now before we get to the third-party tools, your first stop is to check out the actual platform you’re using, as some of them have automation tools built right in.  

For example: 

⇒ Facebook Pages let you schedule posts for a future date. So you can upload today, and have them post at any point in the future. 

⇒ Twitter gives you access to Tweet Deck at 


Here are a few other tools to check out… 

⇒ ClickMeter.com: Are you looking for an easy way to track your posts across 

multiple platforms so that you can determine what your audience wants? Then check out this tracking tool at http://www.clickmeter.com. 

⇒ HootSuite.com: This tool saves time by letting you schedule posts across over 35 popular social media platforms, including the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. This tool also helps you fine-tune your social media campaign by tracking posts and letting you know which ones your audience responds to. See more at http://www.hootsuite.com.  

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If you don’t need the cmlete set f features offered by HootSuite, then you night check out the schedulingh= ap that http://www.hootlet.com

⇒ IFTTT: This is an “If… then…” automation tool which lets you create your own 

automation “recipes.” For example, you might create a recipe such as, “If I post something on Facebook, then post it on LinkedIn and Google+ too.” Learn more at https://ifttt.com/. 

⇒ PostPlanner: This tools helps you find content, post it and analyze your results. 

Learn more at http://www.postplanner.com. 

⇒ Sprout Social. This is another all-in-one tool that lets you schedule content, post 

on multiple platforms simultaneously, and track your posts to see which ones are getting good results. Learn more at http://www.sproutsocial.com. 


Running your social media campaigns doesn’t need to tie you down to your computer for hours every day. If you outsource and automate, then growing your social media networks (which in turn grows your business) can be nearly hands free! 

I hope that helps, let me know in the comments if you need any help with this and I will be glad to help. 

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